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Couple of Things

Movies: Thank you for Your Service. Good story about 3 soldiers coming back from Iraq. The dream in Iraq is going home, but we watch what they must deal with stateside as they all deal with PTSD when they get home. Well worth the viewing – a reality check on what we’re asking of our military volunteers and what we’re unable to provide them on their return. So many affected- breaks your heart.

Victoria and Abdul. Very entertaining historical account of Queen Victoria and Abdul, a subject from India she brings to England in the 1800’s. Abdul becomes her confident and “munshi”. Beautiful to watch period piece, behind-the-scenes details related to royalty that outsiders are never privy to, and pretty funny. Judy Dench is, of course, fabulous as always!

Current Events:

Not that anyone out there needs to be reminded since we ‘gain’ an hour, but don’t forget to Fall Back this Sat night,  Nov 4-5



World Sandwich Day Tomorrow– November 3rd— should be one of my faves! Not yet though.

Wishing my daughter, Devon, and Edward safe travels back from Mexico. Seeing some wild pictures!

Independence Day

I hope you had a wonderful July Fourth holiday. It was unfortunate to have that rain storm come through at Deep Creek Lake yesterday, but overall it was a great weekend with lots of folks here enjoying DCL and Garrett County. The fireworks had to be postponed for a day and hopefully tonight(July 5th)the weather will co-operate and we can all enjoy!

The Deep Creek Lake Lions Club Boat Parade was Saturday night. We had many wildly decorated boats and a few vintage antiques in the flotilla. We do this each year as a fundraiser to help support our Lions efforts to help the sight and hearing impaired, which includes our Blind Skier at Wisp Resort and Camper program at Deep Creek Lake State Park. A good time was had by all!


IMG_1270 (1)  IMG_1263


Real Estate Market

Year to Date ~ 2016 over 2015

Lake area sales are up 23% this year(homes sold) over 2015   Average Price/sale up 2%

Non-Lake sales are up 2.7% this year(homes sold)over 2015. Average Price/sale down 17%


Upcoming area EVENTS click HERE…there’s a lot going on !




Ahh…Warm Weather!

S U M M E R   is here 🙂

LR Edited-60


Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County are in full bloom finally. Very jungle-like compared to about 3 or 4 weeks ago! I hope you’ve had a great spring and are ready to escape to Deep Creek and the mountains of Western Maryland.





-celtic_fest036-2 Bob Carney

The Garrett County Celtic Festival (formerly McHenry Highland Festival) was moved to Friendsville this year and it took place on Fri/Sat, June 3rd & 4th. Hope you got a chance to check in there…from all accounts, it was a huge success and visitors like the flat terrain and how everything was spread through town. Weather was great!  This Highland warrior was just about to toss(or try to) a 56-pound Weight for Height over a cross bar. The weight is tossed with one hand only from a standing position and the athlete is allowed three tries at each height. The bar is raised until only one athlete remains. Top professional athletes can toss the 56 lb weight over a bar 18 feet off the ground. Thank you, Bob Carney, for the great pic!



The Deep Creek Lavender Farm is now open for the season. Great place to stop and look around. You can even have lunch there, catered by Moonshadow Cafe…check the details on the website…need to order ahead.

It’s SUMMER so there are a lot of events going on through Labor Day. For a complete list click here. Below are a few that always pull a big crowd…

June 11 ~ Deep Creek’s Got Talent @ Honi Honi Bar

June 18 ~ DCL Lions Casino Night @ Sand Trap Lounge Oakland Country Club

 one of our biggest fundraisers to help the Blind Skier & Camper program

June 24-25 ~ Maryland Symphony Orchestra @ Wisp Resort 

June 25 ~ Gran Fondo Bicycle Climbs

June 26 ~ Taste of Garrett County @ Wisp Resort



219 Black Angus Drive Virtual Tour

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

2016-05-02 05.52.49

Happy May! The grass is starting to wake up from it’s winter slumber. It’s golf season(and mowing too)!

The good weather has created an uptick in our RE Market over the same period last year(Jan-Apr). Lake area sales are up 28%(homes sold 65 v. 47) and Days on Market(DOM) are down slightly(313 from 327 last year). Price per sale is almost the same as same period 2015.

Non-Lake homes sold are up 10%(70 v. 63)with DOM down to 215 from 248 last year. Price per sale average is down from $216,314 in ’15 to $173,607 this year.

Some News on the Sewer Line project from Marsh Hill to the treatment facility:

Western Conveyance Project Update   Read In Browser
Section II of the Western Conveyance Project (the end of Marsh Hill Rd, Shingle Camp Ter, Shingle Camp Rd, Sandy Shores Rd, Sandy Beach Ln and Stockslager Rd to Penelacres Ln) is set begin on May 2, 2016.  The Contractor is planning to start working at the end of Marsh Hill Rd and proceed south to Shingle Camp Rd at the beginning of their work.  Weekly updates of work progress and anticipated work will be posted on this website.
Please be aware that work on Shingle Camp Ter and Shingle Camp Rd will result in very limited access due to the narrow nature of these roads.  The Contractor will provide access to residences along these roads, however extended delays may be experienced.  It is strongly recommended that residents make appropriate plans and/or coordinate with the Contractor as needed to ensure timely access or in the case of an emergency.  Garrett County Public Safety Communications is aware of the project and is in contact with the Contractor in the case of an emergency for coordination purposes.


MOO….  this guy’s enjoying the new grass and warmer weather !

Reminder…on Saturday, May 7th at 1:00 PM, we’re having our annual  Deep Creek Lake Lions Club Boat Auction at the Lions Club Park on Bumble Bee Road….right next to Hart for Animals. . We have about 15 donated boats to sell including a couple of old classics. Sold ‘as is, where is’ !(We do have titles, though) It’s a huge fundraiser for our Lions community activities…stop by and check it out. Thanks!


Ed's Catamaran

A-Symmetric Hulls Permitting Great Stability When Flying A Hull. Boat & Sails In Good Condition.
Trailer Needs To Be Wired For Lights.
Call Ed King @ (301) 616-5702 For Information


Here are some other of my fave sites when you have a minute

Bob Carney Photography~nice local pics. Bob will shoot your event, wedding, Pens winning the Stanley Cup Party….whatever !

Working Horse Farms~ LOCAL grass fed free range beef, pork, chicken, lamb…antibiotic and hormone free. House made kielbasa, Italian sausage, Fresh eggs, honey-maple syrup, jellies & Jams. 

FireFly Farms~ LOCAL cheese maker ~ National and International awards ~ Wine(and tastings!) ~ too many items to mention in their fantastic shoppe in Accident. 

Rebecca McClive Fine Art~ LOCAL Wildlife & Landscapes(as well as Western scenes), commission work(your vacation home, pets, etc!

HART for Animals, Inc.—-a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets in Western Maryland.


By the way, if you have any friends or family in need of my REALTOR services, let me know….I’ll take care of them like they are my family and I’ll SHOW them All BROKER’S LISTINGS, NOT JUST LONG & FOSTER’s! Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a wonderful May !

Spring @ Deep Creek Lake


2016-03-29 15.28.32

The good news is…SPRING IS SPRUNG.

From PT View 3-22-16

The bad news? We got a couple of inches of snow on Sunday…but it was gone by the late afternoon.

April 3 Sun AM

GOOD NEWS….As of this writing, the Pittsburgh Pirates are undefeated(1-0)…they may not lose this year…how ’bout it?

Local Real Estate sales results from 2016 1st Quarter:

Lake – YOY Jan-Mar(2016/2015)  increase 18% ~  homes sold,  decrease 5% ~ average price/sold home,  decrease 18% ~ Days on Market.

Non Lake – YOY Jan-Mar(2016/2015) no change ~ homes sold{46/46},  decrease 9% ~ average price/sold home,  decrease 25% ~ Days on Market

Marcellus Shale  – Here’s a link to the Fracking Western MD? documentary that Garrett 8 Cinemas premiered in early March…estimated 300 people came. Very interesting…I hope you get an opportunity to view this movie by Mike Wicklein. Here’s some YouTube footage to give you a feeling of the local concern.

The Garrett County Board of Realtors has supported a  ban on Marcellus Drilling anywhere inside of the Deep Creek Lake watershed. Notes from the Property Owner’s Association position paper from October 2014:

“We understand that the Governor-tasked Safe Drilling initiative (SDI) has been addressing the broad range of risks/adverse impacts potentially associated with deep shale gas recovery if drilling/”fracking” were to proceed. The SDI final report will likely propose a shale gas regulatory regime which many would view as a “gold standard”, controversy notwithstanding. We applaud the Commissioners’ chartering of the Garrett County Shale Gas Advisory Committee (SGAC) and the tasking to identify possible local regulatory actions to complement or supplement state-proposed Best Management Practices (BMP’s).

Continue Reading >>

113 Eighth Street

Stylish home featuring stone & cedar exterior, metal roof istalled by roofing restoration in Orlando, privacy landscaping, hot tub, beautiful in-ground pool w/Terazzo patio & cabana! Interior oak hardwood flrs, main flr BR/BA w/walk-in tub & heated ceramic floor, DR-LR open, split level addition w/2 bdrms, lower family room w/stone FP(wood burn insert) & separate entrance. Central AC, Rinnai water heater & newer furnaces. HOME WARRANTY!Jones Main Photo

138 Winding Trail Lane Unit #3

Great open space with granite kitchen & large dining area! Close to State Park-swimming, boating, fishing. Walk to stores/restaurants. Don’t wait too long to check this beautiful townhome out…getting lots of looks! #deepcreeklake




Greetings from Deep Creek Lake!

I hope all of our friends, located in the path of these recent storms, are safe and haven’t suffered any damage to their properties.

OCTOBER – the trees are bursting into color and the autumn air is crisp. This is an exciting time in Garrett County with the Autumn Glory Festival beginning this Wednesday and non-stop events going on for 4 days.

Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 – Sunday Oct 11, 2015
                Good Housekeeping lists our Oakland, MD among the Top 50 Small Towns with the Best Fall Foliage. And in 2014, Travel & Leisure listed the Autumn Glory Festival and our own Oakland, MD as America’s Best Town for Fall Colors.
Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 – Monday Oct 12, 2015
Thursday Oct 8, 2015
Thursday Oct 8, 2015
Friday Oct 9, 2015 – Sunday Oct 11, 2015

IMG_0080        IMG_0076

Looks like the high temperatures will range from 61-69 degrees and the foliage palate will be peaking by the weekend 🙂   


Ooooh….S C A R Y !!  Some folks really get into Halloween.  
9 Fun Facts about Pumpkins by Tia Ghose, Senior Writer | 10/31, 2014
a giant pumpkin

The world record for the heaviest pumpkin was bested in 2013 when Tim Mathison brought his 2,032 pound (921.7 kg) gargantuan gourd to a weigh-off in Napa, California.

Autumn is a time for leaf peeping, jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkin pie. The bright orange globes are the quintessential symbols of the season, and spooky jack-o’-lanterns have become a staple of Halloween celebrations everywhere. But long before pumpkin spice lattes became the fall favorite at coffee shops, the fleshy gourd was a symbol of American family farms and a bountiful harvest. From their ancient roots to the biggest pumpkin ever grown, here are nine crazy facts about pumpkins.

1. Ancient plant

Pumpkins are perhaps the oldest domesticated plants on Earth, with archaeological and botanical evidence suggesting that people cultivated pumpkins as far back as 10,000 B.C., said Cindy Ott, an American studies professor at Saint Louis University in Missouri, and the author of “Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon,” (University of Washington Press, 2012). The first cultivated pumpkins, which were small, hard gourds that bear little resemblance to the fleshy orange giants of today, likely originated in the highlands of Oaxaca in Mexico, Ott said. [In Images: Peculiar Halloween Pumpkins]

2. Same plant, different name

The scientific name for pumpkins is Cucurbita pepo, with “pepo” meaning “to ripen in the sun.” Though Americans consider pumpkins, squash and zucchini to be different foods, they are in fact all the same genus and species, and can be bred with one another. The Europeans who first saw the strange fruits thought they looked a lot like melons, so they called them “pompions,” which is French for melon, Ott said.

3. Survival fruit

When the British colonists arrived in North America, they quickly learned to rely on the pumpkin as a survival food because European staples weren’t readily available. Pumpkin could be substituted for wheat and barley in beer and was a fast-growing and hardy crop, Ott said.

4. First recipe

Though Thanksgiving is now synonymous with pumpkin pie, the original colonists considered pumpkin more of a savory ingredient, and it’s not clear they even ate it on Thanksgiving Day. Most preparations used pumpkin, in addition to corn, in meat stews, Ott said. The first mention of pumpkin pie seems to have been a recipe for “pumpkin pudding baked in a crust,” which appeared in the first American cookbook, “American Cookery,” published by Amelia Simmons in 1796, Ott said.

5. Farm feed

The pumpkin was never considered a particularly luxurious food, and by the 19th century, when European foods became more readily available, the pumpkin was mainly known as a cheap substitute food or as feed for livestock, Ott said. The only people who grew them were small family farmers, and few people ate pumpkins.

“It was considered food of last resort and food of desperate times,” Ott said.

6. Sentimental food

Around the 19th century, when most Americans had stopped eatingpumpkins, the squash became associated with nostalgic and romantic images of small American family farms, Ott said. Pumpkins began cropping up in paintings of rustic farms, people wrote sappy odes to the orange fruit and it became an even stronger symbol of the fall harvest and bounty, Ott said.

7. Jack-o’-lanterns

Though the image of a grinning orange face may seem to be the epitome of Halloween now, the pumpkin only recently took up the mantle of jack-o’-lantern. Halloween has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when the spirits of the dead walk the Earth for a night and people make lanterns out of turnips to scare the evil spirits away. [10 Ghost Stories That Will Haunt You for Life]

But when Irish immigrants came to the United States, pumpkins as the symbol of small American farms merged with the spooky Halloween tradition. It’s not clear when the jack-o’-lantern practice first emerged, but by 1867, an article in the magazine Harper’s Weekly shows a spooky image of two boys carving a “pumpkin effigy,” the first image of a jack-o’-lantern in its modern-day form.

8. Pie market

The vast majority of pumpkin in the United States is produced and consumed in the fall, and one company, Libby’s, produces almost all of the canned pumpkin in the country, Ott said. Because it doesn’t make economic sense to ship pumpkins cross-country, most of these pie pumpkins — which, from the outside, look like cantaloupes — are grown in Illinois near the Libby’s canning factory, Ott said.

9. Giant pumpkin

Though the average pumpkin in the supermarket may weigh about as much as a bowling ball, competitive pumpkin growers have taken the fruits to new extremes. Giant pumpkin enthusiasts trade tips, such as spiking the soil with fish feed, in order to grow pumpkins of truly gargantuan proportions. In 2013 for instance, a California man broke the world record for the largest pumpkin. At 2,032 pounds (921.7 kilograms), the overgrown squash was nearly the size of a small car.

“These giant pumpkin growers say you can almost see and hear the plant grow, because they grow tens of pounds in a day,” Ott said.

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Fall is Upon Us :(

Labor Day!

Wait What?…where did the summer go! However, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy September…which many consider the best weather month of the year – with clear skies, cool nights – perfect for a a little warming blaze in your firepit!

School has begun in Garrett County, so be alert for buses and children. There’s still a lot going on in the Deep Creek area this month.

September 4: BOATHOUSE @ Little Yough Summer Music Festival
            Art and Wine Photo
September 19 – 20: SavageMan Triathlon  The spectacular race venue and extraordinarily challenging course leave no doubters to the claim of “World’s Most Savage and Most Beautiful Triathlon”.
HART For Animals
Here’s a pretty good Long & Foster link to the ‘Industry Insider’ , commenting on a variety of Real Estate/economic news and trends.
 Autumn Glory Festival Parade
Don’t forget, we are fast approaching the 48th Annual Autumn Glory Festival October 7th through the 11th!