Couple of Things

Movies: Thank you for Your Service. Good story about 3 soldiers coming back from Iraq. The dream in Iraq is going home, but we watch what they must deal with stateside as they all deal with PTSD when they get home. Well worth the viewing – a reality check on what we’re asking of our military volunteers and what we’re unable to provide them on their return. So many affected- breaks your heart.

Victoria and Abdul. Very entertaining historical account of Queen Victoria and Abdul, a subject from India she brings to England in the 1800’s. Abdul becomes her confident and “munshi”. Beautiful to watch period piece, behind-the-scenes details related to royalty that outsiders are never privy to, and pretty funny. Judy Dench is, of course, fabulous as always!

Current Events:

Not that anyone out there needs to be reminded since we ‘gain’ an hour, but don’t forget to Fall Back this Sat night,  Nov 4-5



World Sandwich Day Tomorrow– November 3rd— should be one of my faves! Not yet though.

Wishing my daughter, Devon, and Edward safe travels back from Mexico. Seeing some wild pictures!

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