Spring @ Deep Creek Lake


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The good news is…SPRING IS SPRUNG.

From PT View 3-22-16

The bad news? We got a couple of inches of snow on Sunday…but it was gone by the late afternoon.

April 3 Sun AM

GOOD NEWS….As of this writing, the Pittsburgh Pirates are undefeated(1-0)…they may not lose this year…how ’bout it?

Local Real Estate sales results from 2016 1st Quarter:

Lake – YOY Jan-Mar(2016/2015)  increase 18% ~  homes sold,  decrease 5% ~ average price/sold home,  decrease 18% ~ Days on Market.

Non Lake – YOY Jan-Mar(2016/2015) no change ~ homes sold{46/46},  decrease 9% ~ average price/sold home,  decrease 25% ~ Days on Market

Marcellus Shale  – Here’s a link to the Fracking Western MD? documentary that Garrett 8 Cinemas premiered in early March…estimated 300 people came. Very interesting…I hope you get an opportunity to view this movie by Mike Wicklein. Here’s some YouTube footage to give you a feeling of the local concern.

The Garrett County Board of Realtors has supported a  ban on Marcellus Drilling anywhere inside of the Deep Creek Lake watershed. Notes from the Property Owner’s Association position paper from October 2014:

“We understand that the Governor-tasked Safe Drilling initiative (SDI) has been addressing the broad range of risks/adverse impacts potentially associated with deep shale gas recovery if drilling/”fracking” were to proceed. The SDI final report will likely propose a shale gas regulatory regime which many would view as a “gold standard”, controversy notwithstanding. We applaud the Commissioners’ chartering of the Garrett County Shale Gas Advisory Committee (SGAC) and the tasking to identify possible local regulatory actions to complement or supplement state-proposed Best Management Practices (BMP’s).

However, there are a number of considerations which have led us to the position that vertical drilling, and the associated surface infrastructure, should not be a “Permitted by Right Use” nor permitted at all, within the Deep Creek Watershed. This position reflects our fundamental commitment to supporting POA member interests in accordance with our mission, including the charge, “to promote, preserve, and protect the quality of life, environment, recreational opportunities—on Deep Creek Lake and in its watershed”. Additionally, this position reflects our obligation to consider the interests of the broader County and, in this case, to specifically address the implications of our position on projected economic benefits (e.g. County revenues, jobs, etc.). These dimensions of our thinking are elaborated briefly below.
We recognize that our position, in terms of the “bottom line”, is aligned with the position recently taken by the Garrett County Board of Realtors (GCBR) in the context of commenting on the draft Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan. We have been in touch with Paul Durham, their Government Affairs Director, and note that his research on potential property value impacts is the most comprehensive work we’ve seen on that particular dimension of our deliberations.”



Here are some other  these sites when you have a minute

Bob Carney Photography~nice local pics. Bob will shoot your event, wedding, whatever !

Working Horse Farms~ LOCAL grass fed free range beef, pork, chicken, lamb…antibiotic and hormone free. House made kielbasa, Italian sausage, Fresh eggs, honey-maple syrup, jellies & Jams. 

FireFly Farms~ LOCAL cheese maker ~ National and International awards ~ Wine(and tastings!) ~ too many items to mention in their fantastic shoppe in Accident. 

Rebecca McClive Fine Art~ LOCAL Wildlife & Landscapes(as well as Western scenes), commission work(your vacation home, pets, etc!


Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a wonderful April !



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